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Hello everyone! The purpose of this blog is to bring together fans of the television show Blood Ties. Blood Ties is a television series based on Tanya Huff's Blood books, and it has developed quite a following here in the US. Apparently it's also developing a fan base in Canada and the UK, and I'm hoping this show will develop a following in other countries as well.

The show has at it's heart three main characters:
Vicki Nelson, private investigator
Henry Fitroy, ancient vampire
Mike Celluci, police officer

The dynamic between the three main characters along with a spooky supernatural theme makes this a compelling show. I hope that everyone who tunes into the show grows to love it as much as I do.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Why Blood Ties appeals to me

There are so many elements about Blood Ties that I love... When I watch the show, one of the most fun things about it is the witty dialogue. There are bits of tongue-in-cheek things written into the script that catch me off guard and have me in giggles. Like when Henry calls Mike "Renfield" or quips about wearing red silk underwear. (This particular comment sparked an entire discussion at another blog about boxers versus briefs versus long johns and tights. Fashions were different 400 years ago! And just where can you pick up red silk boxers these days, and wouldn't a modern vampire just go with cotton?)

So there's just the pure entertainment factor about Blood Ties that makes it a great show to watch. But there are other elements about the show show that make it particularly appealing to me.
  1. The show doesn't revolve around raising kids or the foibles of married life. Those kind of shows can be fun too, but Blood Ties offers something different, which is nice.
  2. The protagonist is a woman, who is around my age - and wonder of wonders, she's not obsessing about her biological clock or out looking for a man. I like this, it sends a message that there is more to life than settling down.
  3. Vicky Nelson is a no-nonsense down to earth person. She's strong, self reliant, and she has principle, and I really like that about her.
  4. Blood Ties is a lovely escape from the realities of my day to day world. It's a detective show, but it's not realistic reflection of crime like CSI or other popular shows. You watch it and you know it's entertainment and you can relax.
  5. Blood Ties is just what I need after a long week of slogging away in corporate America. I come home on Friday nights, run the vacuum, get some dinner ready, change into my comfiest pjs--just in time to turn on the tv to Blood Ties.

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