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Hello everyone! The purpose of this blog is to bring together fans of the television show Blood Ties. Blood Ties is a television series based on Tanya Huff's Blood books, and it has developed quite a following here in the US. Apparently it's also developing a fan base in Canada and the UK, and I'm hoping this show will develop a following in other countries as well.

The show has at it's heart three main characters:
Vicki Nelson, private investigator
Henry Fitroy, ancient vampire
Mike Celluci, police officer

The dynamic between the three main characters along with a spooky supernatural theme makes this a compelling show. I hope that everyone who tunes into the show grows to love it as much as I do.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Excerpt from Tanya Huff's blog

I hope I'm not breaking any rules by reprinting this, an excerpt from Tanya's blog. In it she thanks all the American fans have done to push for Blood Ties renewal ((way to go us!!)) and she also encourages Canadian fans to do the same. And what the heck, I don't see what harm it could do if US fans sent post cards to the Canadian network too!

So here it is, nearly the end of October and we're coming down to the wire to get Blood Ties renewed. The American fen have been amazing about contacting Lifetime and telling them how much they love the show -- I can't thank you guys enough, amazing really doesn't do your effort justice. Absolutely, fantastically amazing comes closer. Trust me, they've noticed you!Now I have a favour to ask of the Canadian fen -- if you guys could drop a quick email to CityTV over the next couple of days (or what the hell, a couple of emails today) and let them know that you enjoy the show and you'd like to see more of it, I'd be really grateful. At the risk of sounding a little too much like Horton Hears a Who -- they need to know you're there on the dust-speck.The link is here: http://www.citytv.com/toronto/1462_contactus.aspxThanks!(sigh, shouldn't have mentioned Horton Hears a Who -- now my brain is providing "Boil that dust-speck!" as background noise)

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